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Save the world

photo by nadine

Only a live lived for others is a life worth while

– Albert Einstein

No, I’m not day-dreaming or bullshitting you. You and I can do it. Really.

I’m not talking about going to Africa to fight famine and poverty (well, God bless you if you want to do it or are even doing it right now, you are my hero). I’m talking about changing the world by living your everyday lives. It’s just a matter of taking small steps to create something big. Something that can change people’s lives and environments around you to better ones.

It’s not difficult.

On my birthday last year, I asked everybody who wanted to give me some presents not to do that. Instead, I asked them to donate the amount of money they would have used for my gift to a foster house in a remote area in Indonesia. As far as I know, this foster house received around 100 US dollars from it. It was not much, but it was something. Perhaps this amount of money could support one child for the whole month or year, I don’t really know. But I know that I have helped them in a way.

Or perhaps you could “donate” a small amount of money to some small businesses in developing countries. This is in fact not really donation, because more than 90% of the cases you would get your money back. The money that you give will be used to build or expand their businesses, so that they can support their employees and families. And they work really hard to make sure that they can pay you back on time.

Or save sharks.

Stop wearing fur. Stop using shoes or purses made of snake skin.

Limit the water use.

Switch off your TV, radio, stereo systems when you are not using them.

Or something else you can think of. Help a kid next door fixing his bike, invite an old-time friend for a dinner without particular reason. Ask the first 3 people you see every day how you can help. These small things can make the world to a better place.

What have you done lately to make a better world?