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A few weeks ago I finished reading an ebook (free download, kindle required) called Flinch, written by Julien Smith. If  you have been meaning to do something you love but never quite started or taken off for any reason, this is the book for you.

Basically, the only reason why 99% of people don’t do what they actually want to do is fear. Fear of what other people may say, fear of financial disaster, fear of not living up to other persons’ standards and expectations ( for example friends and family), and fear of disappointment.

The bad news is, fear exists and is here to stay. We can not eliminate fear. Fear exists in many different forms, some are already mentioned above.

The good news is, we can cope with fear. It is perfectly normal to have fear, to fear something. What we can do is to understand how fear works. Just like riding a bike, once you know how to deal with it, it will be easy. Once in a while we may fall down, but we can get up again and continue riding.

There is no better way to cope with fear than facing it. It’s like being a world champion boxer. You have to face all great opponents in the world to be the world champion. You can not fight only against boxers in your local area and be the world champion. Feel the pain, and learn from it. Just throw yourself in the ring and flinch forward.

In Flinch, Julien gave some exercises in order of difficulties (relax, they are very doable if you really want it). I will not discuss the whole book in this short blog. If you are interested, just download this awesome free ebook and it could change your life. It has been changing my life slowly. I started doing some things I’m really passionate about, one at a time. It is a slow process, but it is the process that I enjoy.

I created this simple wallpaper (feel free to download it here: 1280×800, 1024×768, or contact me to get the source file) to remind me everyday what I’m fighting for. It reminds me to go and challenge those challenges in front of me. It reminds me not to give up.